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    Discussion on permanent magnet frequency conversion two-stage compression Energy saving of air system
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    Professional things are done by professional people, which is the basis of whether we take everything seriously. Human progress depends on professional division of labor to create huge and growing social wealth. Employing people, using professional people and using the right people to do the right things is the way to win. Liu Bang, who can't write and fight, also relies on three strong professionals to dominate the world. Rhode CommScope power permanent magnet frequency conversion two-stage compression team is a professional leader in the field of compressed air system energy conservation in China. He will always faithfully serve every enterprise with professional energy-saving technology, so that every enterprise can use safe, qualified and reasonable cost compressed air without purchasing compressors.

       In today's era of sharing economy, the Rhode CommScope power permanent magnet frequency conversion two-stage compression team is breaking the old compressor sales and use mode in the past, guiding the industrial compressor industry into the forefront of sharing economy and responding to the energy-saving and environmental protection mechanism called for by the world. In fact, what enterprises need is safe, qualified and cost-effective compressed air, not compressors, which is the same as that you do not need to build your own power station and water plant. Therefore, the compressed air used by the enterprise will be funded by the Rhode CommScope power permanent magnet frequency conversion two-stage compression team to customize all equipment and pipelines in the compressed air station for the enterprise, make more energy-saving transformation schemes for the enterprise, and be responsible for subsequent continuous operation management services and equipment upgrading, so as to share with the enterprise from the saved electricity charge, In addition, the compressed air savings caused by pipeline transformation are owned by the enterprise. All equipment depreciation costs and maintenance costs are responsible by the Rhode CommScope power / Herbst permanent magnet frequency conversion two-stage compression team, so that the enterprise can truly achieve zero investment, zero service cost and zero safety concern of the air compressor station, so as to save money, electricity and worry.

    What is energy saving? For example, if you drive a fuel-efficient car, how can you drive it out of the most fuel-efficient state? This is closely related to your driving skills, speed, road conditions, load matching, vehicle maintenance and so on. Therefore, energy conservation is not unilateral, but determined by a variety of factors, such as natural conditions, policy tendency, social factors, economic development level, management level, technical level, etc. However, the energy-saving approaches can be divided into three categories: structural energy-saving approaches, management energy-saving approaches and technical energy-saving approaches. Similarly, the energy saving of compressed air is also determined by four aspects: gene, pipe loss, matching and management, which respectively mean: appropriate high-quality compressor and purification equipment, low pressure loss and no leakage pipe network, mechanism matching with working condition changes, and scientific and professional maintenance and management. It is from these aspects that the gas boss scientifically and reasonably designs, manufactures and manages the compressor system and pipe network for the enterprise, synchronizes the pace of scientific and technological development, updates and replaces more energy-saving new equipment for the enterprise, and adjusts the load of the compressor system in real time according to the change of gas consumption of the enterprise, so that the enterprise can really save energy.

     Compressor life cycle cost diagram 

    In the life cycle of the compressor, the cost of purchasing the compressor for the first time only accounts for 5%, the later operation and maintenance cost accounts for 5%, and the electricity cost accounts for 90%. According to the annual electricity tariff data released by the National Bureau of statistics and the State Grid and combined with the evaluation of relevant experts, the annual market ownership of compressors in China is estimated to be about 2 million units, and the annual electricity consumption is estimated to be about 250 billion yuan. Moreover, according to statistics, the power consumption in the industrial field accounts for more than 50% of the global power consumption, and up to 20% of the power is used for air compression and transmission to meet the needs of end users. In the above case, the energy consumption cost of the compressor is much higher than the purchase cost and maintenance cost, up to more than 90% of the total cost. It is precisely because of the very high proportion of energy consumption cost that many enterprises lose profits. Therefore, for enterprises, energy conservation and consumption reduction is imminent. With the increasing tension of energy and the deteriorating environment, energy conservation and consumption reduction have attracted more and more attention. With the social development and the transformation of enterprise values, energy conservation and consumption reduction have been promoted to a new level and respected by people more and more. At present and in the near future, energy conservation and consumption reduction will become a hot issue in China. Therefore, the rational use of energy equipment and improving the utilization of resources play a vital role in the development of enterprises.

    In order to save energy, enterprises should not only take policy energy-saving measures created and guided by the government, but also solve the problem of "difficulty in reducing consumption". Only by improving the production process, using more advanced energy-saving equipment, eliminating old, old and energy consuming machinery and equipment, and making long-term fine management of equipment operation, can we fundamentally reduce energy consumption. With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous progress of society, there is a great difference between old equipment and new products. If the more advanced equipment is not replaced in time or energy-saving projects are not implemented, the enterprise will be eliminated by the market due to lack of better development. At that time, even if you want to replace new equipment and implement new energy-saving projects, enterprises may not have the ability to develop. Therefore, enterprises should break the thinking pattern, boldly accept new technology, new equipment, new management and implement new projects, so as to win good benefits and make the enterprise invincible forever. Aiming at the problem of difficult consumption reduction in enterprises, the Rhode CommScope power permanent magnet frequency conversion two-stage compression team launched a comprehensive service for energy saving of compressed air system, customized and dynamically matched the compressed air system of enterprises, and continued to do fine operation and management for enterprises through the Internet of things. Enterprises no longer need to buy Compressors themselves or spend money on future maintenance, Only use gas safely, so that enterprises can always maintain energy-saving production status.

    Consulting arc of Rhode CommScope power permanent magnet frequency conversion two-stage compression team: 13918092362 / 13916285293


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